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Unicare Dental

No more papers or worry of deductibles - get Unicare dental discount plans for more dental coverage, accessible at Dental Plans America

Unicare dental service providers have designed two significant and very alluring discount dental plans to keep your teeth healthy and smile bright! The Unicare dental discount plans are clearly elaborated with all pros and cons at for you and your family. So, forget the paperwork and counting deductibles for your claims, just drop in any of our nationwide participating dentists at your block to get your dental treatment done at exceptionally discounted rates of Unicare dental plans (being a member of

Innumerable dedicated specialists have agreed and contracted with Unicare dental discount plans, that are UNI-CARE 200 Dental Plan and UNI-CARE 100 Dental Plan to provide wide range of dental treatments such as routine check ups, in-depth check ups, full mouth x-rays, cleaning, white filling, core build up, root canals, tooth extraction etc. When you choose a Unicare dental contracting dentist, you will be entitled to receive dental care at negotiated, discounted rates on their fee structure. Both the Unicare dental plans have been extended to additional 3 months for FREE. You can avail their individual plan for a single subscriber or family plan to include family members. Their family dental plans cover spouse, dependent children and any permanent resident in the member's household. The discounted rates and participating providers are scheduled on zip codes. So, insert your zip code NOW!

(A) UNI-CARE 100 Dental Plan - You may join this Unicare dental plan by paying an annual subscription fee $79.95 for an individual or $129.95, if opting for a family dental plan. This Unicare dental plan is a "reduced-fee" dental plan for oral-health conscious consumers seeking complete oral maintenance at minimized dental care expenses. A member of UNI-CARE

100 plan receives from 15%, rising up to 40% discount off specialists' fees, depending on conditions. Discount rates include treatment fees for braces, gums, major extractions, bridges and dentures, child treatment, extensive root canals, routine or in-depth dental check up. All Unicare dental program members receive an online membership package consisting of a welcome letter and membership card, a complete fee schedule with their discounted amount, a toolkit to maximize your savings, support and contact documents.

(B) UNI-CARE 200 Dental Plan - To obtain more extensive coverage and almost double savings of the previous plan, skip to this Unicare dental higher discount plan. For instance, a routine dental check up without plans costs $40, using UNICARE 100 plan, you save $13 on that fees, now double your saving availing UNICARE 200 by $26. The individual annual membership counts $109.95 and family membership at $159.95. Our participating dentists deduct their fees from 20-60% for the UNI-CARE 200 members. Some sample discounted fees according to this plan are illustrated below.

Procedure Name

Usual Fee

Discounted Fee

Member Savings

Routine 6 Month Check-Up




In Depth Check-Up




Full Mouth X-Rays




Prophylaxis-Adult (Cleaning)




Prophylaxis-Child (Cleaning)




Sealant - Per Tooth




White Filling




Crown - Porcelain Fused to Noble Metal




Core Build-Up, Including Any Pins




Root Canal - Anterior




Upper Denture (Complete)




Single Tooth Extraction




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